Why Do Epoxies Make For Great Garage Coatings?

Why Do Epoxies Make For Great Garage Coatings?

If your garage floor is not appealing , old, damaged, or stained and you are looking to redo your floors you may want to think about using a high-grade epoxy coating solution. Epoxy floors can leave your garage looking like a finished showroom, and protect it from the elements. Many people have misconceptions about epoxy floors and whether or not they make good coatings in a garage. In this guide, we hope to give you all of our reasoning behind why epoxy is the perfect garage floor coating solution.


Ever wanted a black and white garage floor, how about a mulit-color flaked or terrazzo look with your three favorite colors or a shimmery metallic look? Regardless of what your end goals are for decorating your garage, you can choose an epoxy floor that will look great and perform even better. The possibilities for colors and customization options when working with epoxies are endless.


Epoxy floors are manufactured to high standards for maximum durability. The tenacious bond between epoxy and concrete creates a super resistant protective layer. If you are looking for a floor that will not chip easily and be able to withstand the wear and tear of years of use and resist salts, chemicals, oil, fuels, and spills then an epoxy coating is a great choice. Epoxy coatings come in a wide variety of types and thicknesses, with thicker floors having greater durability.


Epoxy floors can be slippery when wet or oily without the presence of a non-skid additive. These additives give the floor a slight texture to add grip.  If you live in a cold weather environment where there is continually snow or rain, it will be extremely important to ensure you add a non skid additive while coating your floor. The absence of a non-skid additive could lead to slipping or loss of traction.

Easy To Clean

Epoxy garage floors are super easy to clean. If you are working on your car and a bit of oil spills, you can simply wipe it up. Do not try and clean up an oil spill with water. You will want to use kitty litter or a commercial product that absorbs oil to clean the spill up.  For regular cleaning, you can use a dust or dry mop, or any standard non-abrasive cleaner. If you’re going to give it a good wash, you can easily do so with soap and water. Just make sure it is dry before walking across the floor again.


Garages can be a dark, musty, unattractive part of your home. Good news, it doesn’t have to be! Epoxy floors, depending on the finish, will  reflect light that will allow any floor to shine, and make the room brighter and be much more appealing. If you are trying to spruce up your garage then adding an epoxy coating can be a great way to do it, just make sure to choose a light finish for your coating.


DIY garage floors are an easy, beautiful, and cost-efficient way to upgrade your garage floor. With our DIY kits, we provide you with everything you need to get the job completed in just a few days. Don’t let your garage be the eyesore of your home any longer!

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