Which Works Better: Epoxy Flooring vs Untreated Concrete?

Which Works Better: Epoxy Flooring vs Untreated Concrete?

While concrete flooring is a go-to choice because of its affordability, it doesn’t score high on durability or performance. On the other hand, epoxy flooring is durable, aesthetic, and highly functional, which makes it a better choice in the long run. It can also handle heavy equipment, which is a quality you won’t get with untreated concrete flooring.

The Top Four Differences Between the Two

Here are four differences between epoxy flooring and untreated concrete to help you make the right choice:

1. Quality

Epoxy – It is not only aesthetic but also promises superior quality, which is directly connected to its durability.

Untreated concrete – It easily gets damaged, which affects it quality and makes the floor look dirty and untidy.

2. Cleaning time

Epoxy – Epoxy has a smooth surface and barely takes any time to clean. If you have a manufacturing unit, it might the best choice because your business is more susceptible to spills. Clean surfaces boost productivity and encourage positive thinking.

Untreated concrete – Once oil stains a concrete floor, it will remain there forever until you replace it entirely. Also, untreated concrete is difficult to clean as it has tiny openings where dust and dirt gets stuck.

3. Porosity

Epoxy – Epoxy floors are non-porous, which makes them waterproof, stain resistant, and chemical damage resistant. They have a protective covering over them, which prevents extensive damage and makes them look new as ever.

Untreated concrete – It is highly porous variety of flooring and not recommended in the garage or high foot count workplaces. Concrete easily absorbs oil, moisture, dirt, dust, paint, and any other thing that creates a stain. You can polish it with a diamond polishing machine but the effects are only temporary and before you know the floor will start staining again.

4. Safety

Epoxy – Epoxy coatings have a traction layer that acts as an anti-slip and insulator. It will give your employees the confidence to continue their work in a smooth flow. You won’t even have to worry about your children falling and hurting themselves if you install it in your garage or sunroom.

Untreated concrete – When wet, untreated concrete makes for a slippery surface, which is a workplace hazard. Your employees won’t be 100 percent productive because half of their efforts will go in making sure they don’t slip, fall, and injure themselves. It is a bad choice for garage flooring as well especially if you have young kids who run all across the room.

We have a clear winner — epoxy flooring because it is durable, easy to maintain, and versatile. Contact us at AmorPoxy if you have any questions.

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