What to Know Before Buying An Epoxy Floor

What to Know Before Buying An Epoxy Floor

If you want to give your floor the epoxy treatment, here are some things you should remember before you buy epoxy.

Not All Epoxies Are Created Equal  

Different types of epoxies can have varying levels of solids in them. Completely solid epoxies are the best, but you should call Armorpoxy if you want to use them. There are semi-solid epoxies that you can do yourself, but they are harsh and require ventilation. Water-based epoxies are cheaper, less dangerous, and don’t smell, but they can be less reliable.

It Takes a While To Cure

Epoxy hardens fast, but it can take a least a day before you can walk on it. It may a few days before the epoxy completely hardens. How long it takes to harden can depend on the temperature. Under 60F, or 15.5C can be difficult. There are various solutions for all working conditions so if cure time is a concern of yours we have products that cure instantly.

Flooring is Different Than Coating  

These two terms are used interchangeably, but there’s a difference. Coating means you’re applying a protective surface to already established flooring. Flooring means you’re creating a new structure altogether. For it to be flooring, it has to be at least 2mm.

Epoxy Flooring Can Have Variety

Depending on how you use it and what you mix it with, you can create some stunning floors that last a long time.

Battleship Gray Metallic Epoxy with Royal Purple Highlights

Epoxy Flooring Maintenance 

Of course, over time there will be wear and tear. Epoxy flooring protects against chemicals, but it has its limits. When cleaning the floor, avoid harsh chemicals. Make sure to use the right cleaning product and follow the instructions.

It’s Okay to Talk to a Pro  

If you’re unsure if you can install the epoxy floor yourself, speak to us. We can assist you. This especially applies if your flooring is solid or made of harsh chemicals.


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