Using Interlocking Tiles for Commercial Floors

Using Interlocking Tiles for Commercial Floors

Business owners who have large commercial flooring space including garages, warehouses, storage centers and gyms need a high quality floor surface to protect the floor underneath and keep employees safe from slipping. Commercial garages, warehouses and factories are in constant use and throughout a normal business day these floors will be subjected to heavy loads, accidental spills, collected debris and other hazards that over time can cause significant damage to a floor’s surface and in some cases may require the entire floor to be replaced. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for your commercial flooring you might want to consider the Supratile interlocking floor tiles from ArmorPoxy.

You have many options for protecting your commercial floor and your budget and the total amount of space will factor in to your final decision. That’s why our Supratile interlocking tile floors are a great choice. Easy to install using a rubber mallet and a small electric saw to trim around the edges, interlocking floor tiles are cost effective and easy to maintain with a mild cleaner and water. Our Supratile interlocking floor tiles come in nine different combinations of interlock joint, thickness and surface textures to fit your applications and budget.

Commercial floors can take quite a beating over the years. No matter how careful your employees are there will always be accidents and if you don’t have a solid floor surface in place you could be looking at serious damage and expensive repair costs should something go wrong. Our Supratile interlocking floor product is one of the best options for a commercial floor surface we’ve ever come across. Epoxy floors are a good option for some floors but when it comes to commercial warehouses, factories, storage centers and garages, interlocking tiles have better water and chemical resistant properties which makes our Supratile product a good option for indoor commercial floor surfaces.

ArmorPoxy carries a variety of styles which varies by thickness, patterns and size and is available in a range of colors to suit various needs. Our extensive SupraTile commercial flooring guide should provide enough details to find the best match for you or contact our experts who will point you in the right direction.

SupraTiles are a robust and attractive option for those looking at flooring for a commercial environment including garages, gym’s, factories, offices…virtually anywhere that needs an attractive and durable floor surface.


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