Tips for Tile and Stone Floor Repair

Tips for Tile and Stone Floor Repair

Tile and stone are rugged and durable materials that will usually require very little maintenance over the years. From bathroom and outdoor patio tiles to stone walkways and pool decks such surfaces have the consistency and strength to ward off foul weather, intense UV light and other common outdoor hazards. However, due to a number of factors tile and stone can crack or break, build up grout and be stained from liquids which can all combine to make a surface appear dingy and worn. Keeping tile and stone surfaces looking great isn’t hard to do and can be finished in a relatively short amount of time.

Most tile repairs are due to grout and cracked tiles. When applied improperly grout will cause tile to crack and then pieces will eventually break loose. Tiles can break or crack from any number of reasons including major ground disruptions like earthquakes and minor accidents such as dropping heavy objects on patios and tile floors. Tile and stone can also become faded over time due to direct exposure to sunlight and if your patio or walkway doesn’t have a protective finishing coat the tile is more likely to become worn and brittle.

Before beginning a refinishing or repair project make sure you know how extensive the damage is; if it’s only a few tiles that are cracked then you’re looking at a small refinishing job but if the problem is more widespread and includes water damage to the foundation then it could mean major repair work. Replacing entire sections of patio and outdoor stone surfaces is not uncommon when the ground underneath has become unstable.

Once you’ve identified the problem area and the extent you can begin to fix tile and stone surfaces with relatively inexpensive textured primer epoxy coatings and refinishing kits. Different brushes can be used to mimic specific surfaces including a standard nap roller to produce a smooth though slightly textured finish, a tile roller to produce a tiled finish and a stone roller that produces a finish resembling rough stone.

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