Three Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing Epoxy Flooring Colors

Three Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing Epoxy Flooring Colors

If you plan to install an epoxy floor in your home or business, choosing the right color is crucial to your overall satisfaction with the finished product. The finish and color of an epoxy floor are vital to creating a space that is easy to maintain and beautiful. Here are three tips to keep in mind when choosing your epoxy product to help you select the right epoxy floor color and finish for your project.

Three Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing Epoxy Flooring Colors

Tip #1: Consider Your Goal

Consider the space that you are putting your epoxy flooring and your ultimate goal for your project. The right choice of epoxy for a sleek and professional office building may be different than that of one for your man cave. Setting matters and the choices you make will define your space’s design and provide the durability levels you need.

A bold color with a shiny metallic finish may be perfect for your office’s lobby, whereas a muted tone with earth tone chips may work better for your home’s garage flooring. Remember to consider what colors will add to or distract from your primary goal and how the flooring will feel with the rest of the space. You can choose your colors and finishes based on the overall impression you need your room to convey.

Tip #2: Flooring Finishes Set The Tone

Epoxy floor finishes, such as metallic and standard, set the tone for your flooring. Metallic finishes offer an exciting pattern that provides visual interest for the eye, distracting it from other space features. Shinier than standard epoxy finish, metallic finishes allow the light to bounce off the floor, increasing the space’s brightness.

Standard epoxy flooring finishes are typically more subdued and matte, offering a more straightforward feel. Standard finishes are popular in medical facilities and residential areas where attention is focused on other parts of the space, and the flooring is simply a beautiful backdrop. Functional differences between metallic and standard finishes are minimal, so the choice becomes personal preference and primary use of space.

Tip #3: Color Makes The Space

The color of your epoxy floor will create the feel of the space, while the wrong color can negatively impact how you react to your finished product. Epoxy floors are available in a wide range of colors and mixed to form a custom look. First, decide if you want your floor to be bright and bold or neutral or combine the two. Different color chips can be added to create depth and design, amping up the look of a neutral floor color or toning down a bold color. Consider the other fixtures and finishings in your space to help you create a harmonious color story.

Choosing High-Quality Epoxy Flooring Products

ArmorPoxy can help you choose the best color for your floor coating. We can make custom colors or alternatively for designs you can use standard enamel paint and then coat over it with clear epoxy and clear topcoat. We strive to meet our customers needs and your satisfaction with your project is of the utmost importance to us. Contact one our sales specialists today to learn more about how we can help with your next flooring project

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