Preparing Pools for Summer

Preparing Pools for Summer

Pool Deck Coatings - enclosed pool with table and wood fence
Summer is a season that is typically spent outdoors and if you have a swimming pool it is a safe bet that your family and the neighborhood flock to your back yard for some summer fun. A swimming pool can be an excellent investment for any family, but it is certainly something that will need to be maintained over time.

Just like anything else, a swimming pool will suffer from wear and tear – especially if the pool receives a great deal of traffic. Instead of ignoring these minor damages and allowing them to become major ones it is important to repair them as you see them. An excellent time to look for any needed maintenance is at the end of spring before you open your pool. By inspecting your pool at this time you are going to be able to see any damage that you may have missed at the end up last summer and any problems that occurred through the winter months.

One thing that you may want to do before throwing a pool party is to consider repainting your pool. We offer both 1-part and 2-part epoxy fortified pool paints that are guaranteed to keep your pool looking beautiful. Our paints protect against harmful UV rays, chlorine, and a variety of other elements that could harm your pool over time. Our paints can be easily applied over most old epoxy paint, bare concrete, gunite, plaster, and marcite. Also consider our epoxy fortified paints for whirlpool, jacuzzi, or spa.

But there are many other things that you may want to consider when preparing your pool for the summer. Waterproofing the area around your pool is an excellent idea to ensure protection and longevity. And if you find that you are in need of a change for the area surrounding your pool consider our safe ArmorStone. This naturally non-skid stone is excellent for any area where there is an excess of water and can be tinted any color.

Preparing your pool for summer can be a fun and exciting time if you do it effectively with durable materials. This will not only increase the beauty of your pool, but also its lifespan.

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