Simple No Odor Epoxy Coating Systems

Simple No Odor Epoxy Coating Systems

Epoxy flooring normally has a strong odor from traditional solvent-based coatings. In some cases, these fumes and odors may not be acceptable No matter how your sense of smell is, the offensive odors that come from a quality epoxy product make your garage, hanger, or warehouse smell for the first few days to over a week. For a while, we believed that was just the nature of the beast, and that finding a good epoxy that doesn’t smell wouldn’t be possible. At ArmorPoxy we strive to make sure our products meet our customer needs.

Hence, why we added a new complete product line years ago of environmentally safe, low or no VOC products and LEED applications.

Generally, water-based or high solids coatings have lower VOC levels. VOC levels are considered to be less than 250g/l for standard coating and 340 g/l for industrial coatings. The traditional ‘oil based’ and high solvent coating would run in the 350-400+ g/l.

Dog kennel in NYC LOW VOC coating

Armorpoxy’s low VOC floor coatings are powerful and easy for anyone to use, whether you’re a professional or someone doing a little home renovation. These coating systems are ideal for indoor applications and for environmentally or user occupied situations where fumes from traditional coatings would be unacceptable such as hospitals, schools, pharmaceutical processing, and food processing.

The epoxy is available in various colors such as tan, gray, dark gray, amongst others upon request. However, if you want to add flecks to your floors you can do so, and then use the clear epoxy to give it a top coat.

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