Residential Flooring That Stands The Test Of Time

Residential Flooring That Stands The Test Of Time

Our homes are our castles, and like castles, we want them built strong and able to withstand the test of time. Residential flooring has come a long way since medieval times, making strides in durability, affordability, design esthetic that give homeowners options that fit their lifestyles. When it comes to finding the right flooring for your home or garage what matters most is that you understand the product’s limitations and application needs in order to be happy with the final outcome. Here are a few choices of residential flooring options that rank high among homeowners who value product longevity.


Classic Hard Woods

When speaking of hardwood flooring products, it is important to note that not all products are created equally. Classic hardwood flooring is solid planking, just the wood and it’s finish. Some companies will say that their flooring is hardwood, only meaning that a portion of the product is actually wood or wood composite, and the remainder is made up of other elements. Only real hardwood planking will hold up under wear and tear for many years, just as those found in historical homes today, real wood will stand the test of time.


Polished Concrete

A more modern approach to traditional residential is that of polished concrete. Once reserved for industrial and commercial spaces, concrete has made it to some of the most stylish residential homes today. With an array of stain colors on the market, and a variety of finishing techniques from which to choose, concrete not only takes on professional design it also provides rugged durability. Mixing several colors together in a freestyle pattern, or stained to resemble tiling, concrete can serve as a rustic or urban charm.



You may regard epoxy flooring as purely industrial in application, but you could not be further from the truth. Homeowners who wish to have high-quality flooring with unimaginable durability are choosing epoxy flooring materials. While epoxy is widely used in residential garages and home workshops, innovative applications and processes have allowed this multi-faceted resin-based material to be used in many different residential settings. Easy to apply, quality epoxy application kits can be found at ArmorPoxy.

Flooring That Does Its Job

Choosing durable flooring materials for your home will save you money and hassle over the course of time you own your home. Livability, durability, and style all can be accomplished with flooring that is made to last.

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