Refinishing Granite Surfaces

Refinishing Granite Surfaces

grey ArmorGranite Kitchen Countertops with white cabinetsGranite surfaces, both indoor and outdoor, have a rugged look that is great for patios, stairs, table tops and counters. The rustic look of stone and the textured surface create a distinct look that can accentuate traditional and contemporary decor. Coating and refinishing granite surfaces is easy to do and gives you several options for custom finishes that will match the unique look you have planned for your home.

Cleaning, sealing, polishing and finishing are all necessary to keeping granite surfaces looking great. When left untreated this great surface material can become cracked, worn and faded, especially if outdoors and then pieces can start to break off. But with a strong basecoat primer and epoxy refinishing kit you can keep counter tops, table tops, columns and other granite surfaces in mint condition.

Granite surfaces are known for their imperfections and cinder block walls, patios and pool enclosures have common problems with cracks and holes and with the right epoxy finishing kit you can add terrific camouflaging properties that will hide minor blemishes and leave the surface looking smooth and polished. Prior to applying any finishing product to a granite surface it is recommended that the surface area be cleaned first to remove any loose debris.

Then you will want to decide whether you want a rolled, sponged or sprayed appearance. Different rollers can be used to produce different textures and depending on the decor theme of your home or office you will want to match the granite surface with other room furnishings. You can also select custom epoxy finishing colors including celestial blue, moonstone, onyx and charcoal slate that will add a chic and textured tone to your granite surface.

Once you’ve applied a high quality granite epoxy finishing coat to your granite surface then it is up to you to preserve the granite surface by not using harmful spray cleaners that are not meant for stone. Using the wrong types of cleaners on granite can permanently dull and fade the stone making it near impossible to restore a healthy shine and luster. Choose cleaners that are specifically designed to safely clean stone and granite surfaces and your refinishing job should last a long time.

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