Protecting Boats in Winter

Protecting Boats in Winter

Whether you own a recreational sail boat or seasonal commercial fishing vessel you will need to ensure it stays in seaworthy shape when it is stored in the winter months. Unless you have the deep pockets to afford a covered dry dock or temporary garage your boat will most likely stay in the water where it is susceptible to foul weather, freezing temperatures, storms, barnacles and other ocean hazards. Providing a high quality layer of marine boat epoxy paint can make a huge difference in whether or not your unveiling next season is a good day or a bust.

When using marine boat epoxy paint on a vessel, remember there are two varieties for above the surface and bottom section application. Obviously the bottom part of a boat that is in the water 100% of the time will need a stronger marine epoxy paint to handle the condition of being constantly submerged. Consequently above surface marine systems and deck paints can be a simple 1-part epoxy to provide year-round protection for center consoles, decks and surfaces made of wood, fiberglass and metal.

Today marine epoxy paints are so advanced all a boat owner needs to do is apply the paint to the surface area allow to dry and the store the boat. Marine deck paints feature epoxy solids that are self-leveling so as long as you give the surface area a thorough paint job all nooks and crannies of your boat will be covered with a high quality marine paint.

For below the water line surfaces you will need a stronger epoxy paint than you would use for the deck or above water surfaces. Boat bottom coating paints provide special ablative copper technologies to produce a self-cleaning surface coating that will protect against algae, rust, scale and barnacles. Again, unless you can afford a dry dock where your boat will be out of the water for extended periods of time you will need to protect the bottom with a durable, high quality epoxy paint to ensure common ocean hazards don’t pile up to cause leaks and damage.


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