Preparing Decks for Summer

Preparing Decks for Summer

Being able to be outside at your leisure is one of the greatest parts about summer. Spending time with friends and family out on the deck is a relaxing way to enjoy the company of one another. When most people see a deck attached to a home they simply think of a relaxing oasis, not the work that has to go into it to keep it safe and maintained.


Decks are more often than not made of some species of wood, and without the proper maintenance wood can splinter, crack, rot, or a variety of other mishaps. By painting your deck with our quality paints and stains you are guaranteeing that your outdoor haven will remain beautiful for years to come.


By sealing your deck you are protecting it from the elements, such as rain and harmful UV rays. Our basic deck paint is excellent for any newer deck or porch, but if you have an older deck you may want to consider our renewing paint when preparing your for the summer. When purchasing deck paint it is important that you purchase paint made for this purpose – alternatives could actually cause more damage to your deck.


Before painting your deck you must take the steps to ensure that the life of the paint will last. You cannot apply our deck painton top of layers of older paint; this will not effectively protect the wood. Instead consider using our deck stripper to remove old paint and then wash the deck to remove any paint that the stripper may have left behind. If you come across especially stubborn old paint you may have to sand the deck to remove it. Even if the wood on your deck is brand new you may have to remove ‘mill glaze’ to ensure that your new stain receives the best application.


Our deck paint comes in a variety of colors that are sure to bring beautiful life to your deck this summer. By preparing for your deck properly before summer begins you are guaranteeing a worry-free summer on your deck. Whether a rain storm rolls in or you have dripping wet people on your deck from the swimming pool your deck will be protected. By using our deck paints and restoration products you are guaranteeing yourself a protected deck for years to come.


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