NYC 9-11 Memorial Museum Floor Upgrade

NYC 9-11 Memorial Museum Floor Upgrade

The world famous 9-11 Memorial Museum located in downtown New York City contacted ArmorPoxy to help fix their floors. The museum, while only opening in 2014 was experiencing a difficulty in keeping the polished concrete floors clean economically on a daily basis due to the millions of visitors that come each month (to date, over 14,000.000 visitors have visited the museum). This problem became especially apparent during the winter months when ice and snow melting residue was tracked in by the patrons. In addition the museum floor which is suspended had developed some cracks which were unsightly and collecting dirt.

After consultations with Museum officials and staff, several test areas were coated with a number of Armorpoxy Products to determine the best look, had low odor, and was the easiest to keep clean.

Upon evaluation of the test areas, a special hybrid single component polyuria coating SPGX with UltraWear skid resistant wear additive was selected. The floors were ground with large diamond grinders and HEPA vacuums to minimize any dust to the exhibits. Armorpoxy also supplied a special 2-part polyurea crack filler that was color-matched to the existing concrete floor color. All cracks were cleaned out, and filled. The Museum also cut in ‘saw cuts’ which were filled with this same material to allow the slab to move a bit and to reduce/eliminate any future cracking.

Our next challenge was to figure out how to coat the floor at night after the museum closed at 9pm, and to be able to re-route pedestrian traffic around the coated areas to allow for sufficient cure time, but still be able to allow full functioning of security screening, access to ticket windows,  and handicap access.  Over twenty ‘traffic’ proposals were considered until a final pedestrian traffic pattern was chosen which allowed Armorpoxy to do the work in only two phases which minimized disruption and inconvenience.

The job was completed in the early part of 2015 to the complete satisfaction of the museum.

Click on the photos to see the final results.