How to Choose the Right Roof Coating

How to Choose the Right Roof Coating

Your home, business, factory or plant needed a little sprucing up, so you just finished painting the siding and trim. But…did you think about your roof? Roofs, like any exposed surface need care and maintenance to prevent roof leaks and interior damage.

Before you dash down to the local paint store, check out this important information on roof coatings and the best coatings for your roof. The product needs to be able to withstand the punishment to which a roof is exposed. Temperatures on the roof get much higher than the ambient temperatures and the coating needs to withstand that as well as resisting mold and mildew. It also has to be able to adhere to roof surface material from which your roof is constructed.

ArmorRoof ShinglesResidential Roof Coatings

Residential roofs, mostly the asphalt shingle type, are designed to be maintenance free for 20-30 years or more. Often over time the shingles get dry, they curl, get broken from tree branches or other debris, and can fail and leak.

You can extend the life and upgrade the appearance of your roof with a clear glaze waterproofing sealer. An acrylic sealer can penetrate porous surfaces, and will adhere to most roofing materials including asphalt shingles, fiberglass, wood, plywood, clapboard, primed metal and galvanized steel. It will seal minor cracks, and add a slight sheen to the shingles. There is no more maintenance required for this than for the unsealed roofing shingles.

Commercial Roof Coatings

Roof coatings for commercial buildings can improve the performance of your roof, and extend its lifespan. It can fix minor leaks, and prevent new ones. If you use a reflective roof coating, white in color, you can also reflect light and heat away from your roof, greatly reducing your air conditioning expenses.

Commercial roof coating systems are available in a variety of formulations, including liquid copolymer rubber based formulas, acrylic low odor formulations and a clear 55% solids acrylic version that can be used on skylights and windows. There is also a silicone liquid rubber roof coating system in white for commercial buildings in warmer climates that are at risk for prolonged UV exposure and heat. As previously mentioned, a white color roofing paint can reflect up to 89% of the thermal heat and 82% of the solar/UV spectrum that can in turn reduce energy bills by up to 40%. Armorpoxy’s silicone roof coating called Silcon can also withstand ponding water from uneven roofs.


If you decide that roofing paint is the solution to your roof issue, Armorpoxy has a product designed to meet your needs. From residential asphalt roofs to commercial building tar roofs, the proper coating can add years to the life of your roof, protect the interior of your building and look good while doing it.


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    The choice of roof coating will depend on the kind of damage. For that reason, one needs to get the roof inspected from a professional or expert who they can guide you in identifying the exact roof condition and the right solution. Certain damages can be covered by applying a sealant, but if the roof had not been inspected properly and the damage is beyond repair, then a complete roof installation will become essential. It will be quite expensive, so in order to avoid this major expense, try to regularly maintain the roof and apply a good sealant to enhance the life of your roof.

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    Thanks for helping me understand how a roofing system coating could protect your property from rainwater. My friend wants to stormproof his home since he recently moved into a flood-prone area. Perhaps this can convince him to look for a roofer that specializes in roof coating as a start.

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