Four Places To Epoxy in Your Home

Four Places To Epoxy in Your Home


When you are rehabbing a concrete or wooden floor in your home, you have some excellent choices in new materials and techniques that will help provide a great aesthetic and long-lasting effect. Making the right choice on prep, build materials, and finish will help these areas of your property stay nice and new for years to come.

Here are some of the places that customers like to install our coatings in their homes  coatings.


Epoxy coatings are great for around a pool area where the concrete slab or wood substrate can use some TLC and updates. Epoxy floor coatings can help these kinds of exterior spaces look brand-new, and they may also help with slippage and sealing out moisture from either pool water or rainwater. It’s a good idea to consider the use of a non-skid additive in some areas, according to the traffic that they get.

Patio and Deck Spaces

Other exterior areas are made for outdoor relaxation. Patios and decks add great functionality to a property by expanding the floor surface, without expanding the building
footprint. A new floor coating can be a great complement to new furnishings like chairs and canopies or outdoor grilling stations. As with the installation of a patio or outdoor veranda, a good epoxy floor coating implementation helps you to get more out of these kinds of improvements and additions.


ArmorRenew - corner patio with fireplace

Garage Areas

When your garage floor is ailing and in need of repair it’s often a good idea to use an epoxy coating to freshen it up. Often many garages act as a home to oil leaks, spills, salts, and other gnarly liquids that tend to sit untouched for days and weeks without notice. An epoxy coating will help to protect your concrete floor from further damage by acting as a barrier between the concrete and those liquids. ArmorPoxy’s DIY coating kits are affordable and easy to install. If you have ever painted a wall you can paint your floor. Epoxies also
help deal with scenarios your floor is receiving a lot of moisture, or where cracks are compromising the integrity of the floor. No matter what you are
storing, you want your garage floor to be in good condition and an epoxy coating makes for a good floor coating choice.


Recreation Areas

Suppose you have an indoor recreation room or living room space with a ping-pong table, or a finished basement where the kids can roller-skate. These indoor areas are also good
candidates for epoxy floor coatings. In addition to improving the floor integrity, a new coating can give your indoor space much more curb appeal and actually raise the value of
a property for resale. As with other kinds of real estate staging, there’s value in showing the potential buyer a finished rec room, basement or garage with a floor that sparkles and shines. Do not hesitate to reach out to ArmorPoxy to connect with a sales specialist to hear about the options ArmorPoxy offers.




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