Floor Covering

Floor Covering

Protecting commercial and residential floors is crucial to having a long lasting and durable surface in your garage, basement, warehouse or factory. Over time, constant use and the elements can combine to warp, crack and deteriorate floor surfaces rendering it unsafe. Whether you need to coat a residential floor such as a garage or basement or need high quality protection for a commercial hangar, fire station or factory Armor Poxy has the right epoxy floor coating system to keep your floors safe and looking great. Our complete floor coating kits include everything you need including industrial grade installation tools and prep materials to safely and effectively cover your floors.

If you have a garage or basement at home that has seen better days use any of the Armor Poxy residential floor covering systems to improve the look of your interior space. With great products including ArmorClad, ArmorCover, SupraTile and ArmorTile you can easily and quickly provide a durable surface coating for garages and basements that will last. ArmorClad is a 100% solids kit designed for easy do-it-yourself installation for garages and basements. Being 12 times thicker than inferior water-based paints ArmorClad is the same product sold to professional floor installation contractors and will effectively coat your residential surface. You can also use our superior interlocking floor tile systems that are molded from industrial PVC and come in 9 different thicknesses and surface textures to match the décor of your basement or garage.

When it comes to commercial floors Armor Poxy has you covered. We offer a great selection of industrial strength floor covering products that are perfect for warehouse floors, factories, car dealerships, hospitals and restaurants. Keeping employees safe is crucial toy our business and if your floors are worn, warped or cracked you could be liable should someone accidentally fall. ArmorPoxy II is one of our most popular commercial floor covering systems and the multi-layer, self-priming application allows for heavy use in many commercial environments. ArmorPoxy II can be applied over many floor surfaces including metal, wood, tile, linoleum and cement.

Check out the great selection of commercial and residential floor covering systems at Armor Poxy and transform your dingy basement or warehouse floor into a safe and shiny surface that is durable. Our self-installation packages save you the time and money it takes to hire a professional contractor and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy our floor coating systems are to apply.

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