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Your pool area is, by default, a significant highlight in any accommodation. Your chill zone for all your fun and relaxing activities needs to be well-maintained for the sake of safety while making an excellent contemporary home addition. We have made so many precious memories along the poolside, and so much more we are looking forward to. Installing a pool area is a considerable investment, and it’s only fair to want to keep this area in a top-notch condition. If the cracks, scratches, and degrading look of your pool deck have started to bother you, it’s time for some serious revamping. The area is exposed to considerable wear and tear, especially during hot summers. Sometimes you can get away with light repairs and touch-ups. Still, the gravity of the situation may call for a wholesome and quality pool deck coating. ArmorPoxy has the ideal range of products for reinventing your pool into a more robust and more stable version of itself. Quite often, pool decks are made of concrete, which also means frequent cracks, indents, and fading away of your pool’s original polished look. But that doesn’t have to mean a ground-breaking expense of replacing the entire deck. Resurfacing is always a wiser and better option than replacement.

Epoxy Pool Deck Coatings

A high gloss finish on concrete floors might seem like a classic option for your regular floors. However, things can get tricky for your pool deck coatings. You need a balance between classy finish and non-slippery ground, considering the area’s water exposure. It also needs to be durable enough to withstand UV exposure all day long. 

The generic way of renovating concrete flooring would be pressure washing, followed by sealing, non-slip paint coating, and then sealing again. And it doesn’t stop there; the entire process is repeated after a few years. This process’s entire spectrum is both time-consuming and inconvenient, excluding the high maintenance cost of cleaning and upkeeping. It even renders the area unusable for a long time, resulting in further revenue holding.

Epoxy coatings have been a blessing in disguise for pool deck flooring. They work like a charm on decks that have rough surfaces and need solid repairs. This wholesome solution can be used to fill in cracks, minor dents, and small holes on the pool deck. You can clean quickly, and rest assured that your pool deck paint coating is not just going to fade away under the scorching sun or chemical exposure. 

If you are looking to add some flair to your floors with tiny specks and flakes, you might be surprised by a stunning variety of epoxy paints. Its effectiveness is also very economical. When deciding between flooring systems, you should always weigh the initial costing of repair against annual expenditures for repair, maintenance, and even cleaning. An area where epoxy pool deck coatings shine. 

Our specialized pool deck product offering:

  1. ArmorRenew Deck & Concrete Resurfacer
  2. Armor Top Epoxy Acrylic Coating

Once you have installed your epoxy pool deck coating, you need minor maintenance effort for a long-lasting and gorgeous deck. It is perfect for quick and competent performance in preserving your pool deck and its surrounding area. Our materials are perfect for all types of decks.  

Once you have set your mind to what you’re aiming for in terms of specific needs, it’s about time we get up and running for that gorgeous beauty everyone around you will love.


Rubber Based Pool Deck Coatings For Great Performance

Rubber-based coatings can rejuvenate the concrete surfaces of pool decks like something you’ve never seen before in life. Be ready for rebranding in a matter of a few hours with minimum effort. Do you still want to opt for reconstruction or replacement of your deck? Or instead, pick a paint coating that will need a re-coating every 2-3 years. Thereby making the flooring process time-consuming, dirt-prone, and susceptible to frequent touch-ups. Rollover with ease and style as you choose the smart option for your pool transformation journey. 

Notice the early signs of premature aging in your deck and be prepared with the best. Armor Poxy’s extensive range of tried and tested epoxy products has revolutionized the flooring systems forever. Eliminate the extra pollution of debris and traditional toxic paints. 

Armor Renew Deck and Concrete Patio resurfacer is one such rubber-based formulation that rebrands your flooring solution forever. It is a unique blend of acrylic polymers and super-strong military-grade resins. A touch of concrete and stone powders makes it unbreakable. Our advanced technology has made it impossible for this coating to come off in a long time. The material prevents degradation over time and expels dirt build-up. Long-term dirt retainment can make its way through the layers in flooring, which just rapids up the process of paint peeling. Armor Renew fights this gradual erosion with the same vigor. 

An epoxy-coated concrete flooring is prepared for heavy foot traffic that can wear your regular sheet rubber or rubber tiles. ArmorPoxy’s pool deck epoxy range is exclusively designed to solve this widely observed issue in pool areas. 

These products are also available in low VOC formulation for user-occupied areas where your regular epoxy coating would be toxic and unacceptable. You can easily apply this coating with painting rollers without any special skills. You can choose your pick amongst twenty-five brilliant colors. 

This low-maintenance coating will eventually save you big bucks in the longer run. When choosing the right flooring, you have to keep a hold of all these expenditure considerations. The fantastic effects of rubber epoxy coatings in pool areas or waterparks make it a superior product in the floor coating system.

Non Slip Pool Deck Coating for Enhanced Safety

ArmorTop Epoxy one-part Acrylic coating is fully resistant to moisture damage and the harmful effects of UV. It also shields against traffic, and the best part is it comes in various textures. The rough build of ArmorTop imparts enough friction to your pool decks for your safety and security.  

So you can roam around freely in your pool playtime without any over-the-top caution knowing the pool is protected with the best epoxy coating available in the market that reduces slippage. 

 Its similar application can also be used in airport runways, truck depots, fluid-applied cool roofing systems, schools and playgrounds, residential streets, and more. Just apply an ArmorTop or Flash Bond Bonding primer before applying your epoxy coating so the whole formula can sit well and penetrate deeper on your concrete or asphalt surface. 

The whole ensemble gives you an anti-slip, durable, and semi-glossy look ideal for a barefoot-friendly surface in both dry and wet conditions. It is compatible with all the pool deck surfaces and requires easy prep before installation. 

There are many benefits of these coatings but the primary being:

–      The surface is well protected against freshwater or saltwater pool system exposure

–      Eliminates the dull look of old flooring

–      Resistant to corrosion

–      Doesn’t stain easily from surface spills

–      Can handle heavy traffic during the holiday season

Choose the best pool deck epoxy coatings for your safety and non-stop fun. To make it more kid-friendly, you can choose the low VOC and LEED-certified versions of the same. It can also protect your surfaces against long-time exposure to chlorine and general chemicals that may be present in pool water. 

ArmorTop Outdoor Coating

Pool Deck Coating Resurfacing Ideas

Transforming a pool are can be an exciting venture to look forward to. You have so many ideas for designing the layout and aesthetics of your pool area. It’s a process that demands precision and time. After all, it’s not your favorite area every day undergoing a renovation. The whole process starts with patching and cleaning your pool deck’s concrete or stone surface, and then we move on to coating or deciding the flooring system. But it’s important not to lose sight of what’s essential, that is, the functionality of your pool area. 

The stark features of pool deck epoxy coating also lie in its versatile textures. You can embellish a rugged, textured look with a single product. It allows you to experiment with patterns and tap into that artistic instinct. 

An epoxy coating with a non-slip additive is weather-resistant, strong, and highly durable in the face of adversity. An epoxy floor coating can last for approximately 10-15 years. And with little maintenance, you can stretch it up to twenty-five years as well. The flooring experts suggest re-coating after a span of every ten years helps you maintain the integrity of your pool deck for a longer duration. 

You can go for either a modern and sleek look for your pool deck with a shiny monochrome finish, or you can add some funk according to your comfort taste. For a more natural and rustic ambiance, we can also incorporate natural elements like stones and pebbles into our pool décor, complimentary with greenery. An epoxy pebble finish is a popular idea for pool decks. Epoxy coatings lock the moisture above the concrete layer. It is impervious to the surface beneath. Decorative pebbles beneath are present in exciting color combinations imparting unique aesthetics to the view. 

Why go for an ArmorPixy coating at all?

–      Leaves a smoother surface than aggregate or plaster. 

–      Crack filling and defect correction on the surface. 

–      A-Grade protection to the pool surface. 

–      Resists algae growth around the area.

–      Available in many beautiful colors. 

–      Economical option as compared to other flooring systems.

–      Freedom to try different designs and patterns. 

As epoxy is a solvent-based pool paint, we can expect a unified and more proper look in the more fantastic future. It covers all kinds of concrete, stone, acrylic, or stamped.   

Resurfacing is always a better option than the replacement of your pool deck. A resurfaced pool deck gives you an upper hand in cleaning and upkeeping. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best pool deck coating?

The best pool deck coating protects the surface from UV exposure, chemicals, abrasion, corrosions, and scratches. It makes the surface stronger and more durable. AmorPoxy’s pool deck coating solutions fit right in. 

2. How much does it cost to resurface a pool deck?

Resurfacing a pool deck depends upon the material you are using and your surface area. It depends from project to project and can go up to $6-$10 per square foot. 

3. Do it Yourself Pool deck resurfacing convenient?

It can be a tricky affair to do the entire resurfacing yourself. But with the proper preparation, a mater kit, and step-by-step instructions you can get it done. 

4. How long does pool deck paint last? 

An epoxy pool deck coating can last up to a decade; it can even be extended up to fifteen with proper maintenance. 

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