Epoxy Floor Kit

ArmorPoxy has engineered a variety of epoxy floor products. Our epoxy floor kits can help you achieve your flooring goals of every possible kind very comfortably. A chic space with solid hues and minimalistic patterns, a flake floor, or a floor emitting a metallic radiance, everything is attainable with the right epoxy coating. Revitalize your residential and commercial floors with ArmorPoxy's advanced formulation of epoxy paints.

Industrial Epoxy Kits

It’s not just limited to looks; the exceptional functionality of epoxy floors has revolutionized the flooring system market. It strengthens your floor protects it against scratches, stains, and heat. Its durability and flexibility are another pluses if you’re left wondering about the significance of its application.

Epoxy floors have shown excellent results against moisture and UV resistance. It maintains the integrity of your floors through the daily wear and tear of household floors and the heavy load of traffic in commercial establishments.

ArmorPoxy has a set of comprehensive epoxy floor kits for garages, basements, warehouses, factories, restaurants, hospitals, commercial bakeries, car dealerships, and so much more. Each kit is customized according to the user’s needs with every tool and product needed for a premium flooring finish.

ArmorPoxy‘s kits include standard items like mixers, frames, specialized rollers, non-skid additives, spiked shoes, prep and installation solutions, and a complete set of step-by-step instructions.

The customization might also depend upon the level of expertise the user has.

An epoxy floor kit has made high-end coating material easily accessible through ArmorPoxy. ArmorPoxy provides a Job on a Pallet kit that takes care of every aspect of flooring installation; with the help of this kit, you can easily install the coating by yourself.

Today your flooring system is not limited to a specific kind available in the market. You can create any type of flooring system you wish for, with ease, and it becomes a work of art. 

Garage Floor Epoxy DIY Kits

Installing an epoxy coating garage flooring is a great option, as epoxy coatings are incredibly strong, easy to clean and maintain, and require minimal time to apply. Epoxy garage flooring is resistant against chipping, stains, and impact, necessary for a garage setting where oils, heavy yard equipment, and dirty tires are present. ArmorPoxy’s ArmorClad 100% solids epoxy coating is our state of the art garage flooring system that was designed for a garage environment. It utilizes our unique Adaptive Molecular Technology, making it almost 10x stronger than steel.

The best part of ArmorClad is that it can be applied by anyone, as no technical skills are required to use it. We supply you with all the materials and supplies you’ll need to create your beautiful garage flooring, including easy to follow instructions.GJ9

If you’re looking to create a one of a kind look for your garage flooring, you might consider ArmorPoxy’s ArmorFleck flooring, our heavy-duty terrazzo decorated fleck epoxy system. We guarantee that along with style, comes long-lasting results.

No matter which garage flooring system you choose, ArmorPoxy’s expert staff is standing by to help you from the design stage through installation and beyond. Contact us today to discuss the garage flooring that is right for you.

ArmorClad Flooring Kits

Commercial Epoxy Floor Kits

ArmorPoxy II and ArmorUltra are two prime examples of well-known and used thousands of times in commercial project settings. 

Armorpoxy II is a popular nonconductive epoxy coating system that comes in a two-part system. It gives a superior finish to the commercial floors in a shorter curing time than your regular epoxy paints. Epoxy shields your floors against common chemicals, grease, oil, salts, moisture, and heat. You can install this easily with the help of an ArmorPoxy job on a pallet kit.

Choosing the right flooring system depends on a lot of factors. Moisture exposure, condition of the floor, the purpose of flooring, budget, and degree of post-work maintenance required are some basic prerequisites of choosing your flooring.

ArmorUltra is our high-performance three-layer coating system that consists of two-part epoxy primer, two-part 100% solids high build epoxy coating, and ArmorUltra 2 part military-grade protective topcoat.

Industrial-grade epoxy coating is flexible against heavy traffic movement. It doesn’t shrink on drying and cures like a charm with a high-end gloss-like finish. It is especially recommended by the flooring experts where you need minimal downtime and immediate back-in-service of operations. It can be applied to versatile surfaces like concrete, wood, or metal. It is also available in various versions like low-temperature versions, superfast drying, and different textures. 

It can be styled in attractive options of solid colors, decorative broadcast fleck styles, and a majestic metallic look. Every shade is tint-able, and a color pallet of ten standard colors gives you a look into the most trending option of today.

 For user-occupied accommodations, hospitals, nursing facilities, or any other facility where harmful fumes of traditional epoxies are unwelcome, all these products are also available in a low-VOC form, and LEED certified versions.

Much like your generic commercial floor paints, it doesn’t scratch or peels off. It lasts for a decade when done with high-quality material and proper implementation. Even post the guaranteed time, you can extend its longevity with relatively very minor processes. You can also use these coatings for your countertops and such.

With respect to your regular garage flooring, it sure might feel on the higher end. But, quality epoxy flooring will give you a long-lasting guarantee against abrasion and look, which adds to its worth and value.

Job on a Pallet Commercial Flooring Kits

Complete Epoxy Floor Kits for Basement and Garage

Give your basements and garages a long-lasting makeover with epoxy floor paint. An epoxy floor kit for the basement is what you need if you’re looking to expand the functionality of your basements. Likewise, you can efficiently transform your garage into a multi-purpose arena with a high-gloss finish, indefinite strength, and unparallel durability.

Both of these areas can be demanding in terms of heavy traffic, exposure to weathering conditions, and the durability of the flooring system. An epoxy flooring system ticks all these boxes. A nicely done prep of the floor, proper application of epoxy coatings, and gentle care post-work are more easily handled than you think.

ArmorClad is the industry leading epoxy floor coating system and garage floor paint, now easily available in the market. What initially used to be strictly for commercial purposes is now a household name. ArmorClad has the most diverse and highest experience in the garage and basement flooring industry. The special Adaptive Molecular Technology (AMT) of this product uses proprietary cross-linking chemistry, unlike other basic floor coating systems available in the market.

The formulation has very intelligently used the dynamics of strong inter-molecular linking of the solution to the floor. The technology ensures the floor coating stays on for many more years to come. A unique blend of military grade epoxy into a super convenient packaging. An epoxy floor kit for the garage is easy to assemble and install with the help of step-by-step instructions.

ArmorClad epoxy floor kit is available in an extensive set and remains open to user’s customization. Everything you might need comes as a beginner in our kits, and you don’t need an extra set of special skills to use it. Just focus on our guide videos, read the instructions, and you are good to go! 

 It is a 100% solids formulation, which means that nothing comes out of your coating. The thicker you want, the thicker you apply, and that’s the thickness you get! It does not shrink as it dries all ready for usage. All Epoxy Floor Master Kits for garage and basements include-

prep/etching solution, mixing bucket, mixer, cut in brush, rubber gloves, topcoat (optional), non-skid additive, roller pad, decorative flecks, application squeegee, and complete instructions. ArmorClad flooring system provides the ultimate garage floor protection; their composition is pretty expensive. But in the long order, their effectiveness and guarantee against abrasion make it an investment in the future.

 ArmorClad is now available in seven beautiful color and fleck combinations. You can customize and design your floor according to your requirement and spread a splash of your personality all over the area.

It comes in sixteen different base colors and 100 fleck colors.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Kit

A metallic epoxy floor kit is a 100% solids epoxy system devised with a strong hint of metallic pigment. It is commonly used by commercial property owners for recreational purposes. This is an excellent option for an elegant and contemporary look that lasts long and is strong enough to withstand heavy-duty operations. A metallic epoxy floor kit makes it easy for you to install this flooring system. However, you need to be cautious of its short pot life.

Armortallic is basically the metallic version of ArmorUltra 100% solids three-layer system. Extremely durable, his flooring system offers incredible protection against harmful chemicals and abrasion. You get to choose from a variety of colors in the diverse color pallet. Design your floor in your beloved style with a custom Armortallic floor and stun the audience with your impeccable taste.

The metallic epoxy floor has a smooth and subtle metallic sparkle that stands out from the crowd. You can get a two-tone effect, same color effect, and two color effect. Take the creative liberty to experiment with your eloquent choices.

 Usually, it is installed as a three-layer system with contrasting pigments in an epoxy primer, 100% solids clear epoxy mixed with metallic pigment additive, and a clear protective topcoat. It the easy to apply the coating and infinite options for colors and patterns.

Have fun with patterns and fun installation!

 The first step is prepping your floor by etching and grinding in detail. Ensure any kind of essential repairs to the floor as the posh metallic finish eliminates any irregularities in the flooring like cracks, dings, spalling, etc. Armorpoxy has a full-fledged set of products for every kind of repair and maintenance you might need for your floors. 

Once you are done with floor repairs, it is time to primer the floor up!

Carefully apply a two-part epoxy primer, possibly in a darker shade, to bring out the contrast. Once the floor is cured, you can swirl it for the vibrant and aesthetic design with a squeegee or roller. The metallic pigment, when given a swirl, creates a hypnotic effect in your flooring. If you are looking for a more natural and subtle look, you can spray denatured alcohol solution or acetone on the wet metallic epoxy with a hand sprayer.

 Finally, seal the deal with ArmorUltra’s two-part military grade topcoat. It protects the whole deal with its strong formula.

  Armortallic is a product of our user’s imagination, and you can take more than one metallic color in one go to create amazing floor surfaces that speak for your creativity. The pricing of ArmorTallic is on the higher end compared to regular epoxy flooring. As it demands expensive materials for a higher quality metallic epoxy flooring and the number of coatings required is also greater. For precise pricing, you can visit their product page. 

Grab your metallic epoxy floor kit today for your basement, garages, offices, and commercial properties. Customize your kit according to your aspirations for your floors.

ArmorTallic Epoxy Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.   How much does it cost to epoxy a floor?

The equipment material might cost you around $2 to $5 per square foot(depending upon the product you choose). The cost of installation depends on your choice and mode. A professional installation might be heavy on your pocket; investing in a comprehensive epoxy floor coating might be a comfortable alternative.  

  1. Do it yourself epoxy floors?

Do it yourself epoxy floors should be handled with due caution and diligently following the said instructions. An extensive epoxy floor kit with easy and detailed instructions can offer great help. Technical back end support further eases out the task for you. 

  1. How long do epoxy floors last?

When installed rightly and maintained properly, a flooring system can last for nearly a decade. You can further extend its longevity after a decade in a series of easy coating processes. 

  1. Are epoxy floors worth it?

High end look with minimum investment, protection against natural weather conditions, and long-lasting coating, an epoxy floor coating has every component to give you a win-win situation. The innovative formulation reduces your energy cost, eliminates frequent maintenance costs, and gives a lower cost of ownership. 


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