Epoxy Floor Systems

Epoxy Floor Systems

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Epoxy floor systems come in a wide variety of applications for many different types of floors including commercial and residential floors. These unique flooring systems provide a protective coating for garages, bathrooms and kitchens, warehouses, hangars, outdoor pool decks and patios and many other wood, metal, concrete and basement floors. ArmorPoxy carries a terrific selection of high quality floor coating systems including ArmorClad, ArmorTile and ArmorStone to not only improve the look of your floor but also keep it protected through years of heavy use.

For residential floors epoxy systems work best on garages and basements. ArmorClad is a complete ready-to-install kit that makes it easy for homeowners to do their own flooring jobs in a very short amount of time. One of the finest garage kits on the market today ArmorClad is 12 times thicker than water-based paints and dries much faster since there is nothing to evaporate. A 100% solids epoxy ArmorClad is a 2-part epoxy system that produces a safe chemical reaction which makes the epoxy super hard when it cures. Tires, heavy equipment, toys and tools don’t stand a chance of piercing this superior residential flooring epoxy system.

For commercial floors such as warehouses, factories, hangars and restaurants ArmorPoxy has a full selection of industrial strength epoxy floor systems to provide superior coating for even the most heavily used surface. Many of the US Coast Guard hangars use ArmorPoxy II to keep their floors in tip-top shape to handle helicopters fleets and maintenance equipment. For the most demanding commercial floors ArmorPoxy offers ArmorUltra, a 100% solids epoxy floor system that is used by the New York City Fire Department for their largest ladder trucks. This super-thick, multi-layer coating system is sure to keep your industrial floor level, smooth and safe for use year round.


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