Designing your own Tile Floor Pattern

Designing your own Tile Floor Pattern

When people want to refinish or install a new garage floor or basement floor system naturally they’ll want to select the right colors to match their idea of how the room should look. And though there are plenty of high quality designer colors to choose from including blue, green, orange and red some people have a solid idea of the color they want and now they have the opportunity to design their own tile floor fleck patterns to custom match their basement or garage. When designing a fleck floor color pattern you will be able to select a primary color and up to three fleck colors to produce a garage floor epoxy that is unique and durable.

ArmorClad comes in popular standard fleck colors including beige, grey, red, blue, tan and desert tan that look great in many basements and garages but you can also custom design your own fleck floor colors that will match a specific décor theme. Depending on what you use a garage or basement floor for you will want to carefully select your primary and secondary colors to fit in with commercial or recreational uses.

In addition to a fitting color scheme for displaying antique cars or kid’s playroom you will also need to decide on how thick you want the fleck to be sprinkled throughout the mix from light sprinkle (1 lb/250 sq. ft.) to full coverage (25-30 lbs/ sq. ft.). You can also choose sprinkles between with medium and heavy mixes available.

Base colors come in a wide variety of popular colors including red, white, black, light grey, dark grey, tan and orange. Add fleck colors including green, blue, yellow and even purple to create a custom color that will make your garage floor or basement floor epoxy stand out.

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