Commercial Flooring Solutions

Commercial Flooring Solutions

Commercial floors come in all shapes and sizes. Warehouses, hangars, hospitals and factories all need high quality commercial flooring. The best commercial flooring solution will be easy to maintain, durable, and suited to the type of traffic to which the floor will be subjected. The right commercial floor will keep your employees safe from accidental spills on worn floors, and also help to facilitate the easy movement of vehicles, cranes and forklifts across the floors to ensure your business runs smoothly.


For entry ways and lobbies of a large commercial space, heavy foot traffic is a given. Showrooms and sales floors will see much less of the day to day foot traffic. Warehouse floors may need to support pallet trucks, cranes and forklifts along with foot traffic.

Hospitals have foot traffic from staff, patients and visitors and also see a lot of wheeled transport from gurneys and stretchers to wheelchairs and food, equipment and medicine carts. The floor needs to be safe for both types of traffic to move around in a hurry when needed.

Airplane hangars of course house planes, but also the heavy equipment necessary for maintaining them. Flooring that stands up to the weight and movement of these vehicles is a must.

armorpoxy epoxy floor airplane hangar featuring armor ultra epoxy


Low maintenance is key to any commercial space. It must be easy to vacuum or sweep up debris and clean up spills. Hospitals and other health care facilities need to disinfect the floors without worrying about the degrading safety, or cleaning seams where biohazards can breed. It needs to last a long time, since refinishing or replacing floors will take time from the core mission of the site.

Looks Matter

No matter the use of the commercial space, the floor just needs to look good. A quality floor can help make the space more inviting, for places like a showroom or sales office space. Easily maintained flooring helps make the warehouse or factory appear and be cleaner, brighter and safer than a worn floor, which will help employees and visitors feel comfortable.

ArmorPoxy Solutions

The advanced epoxy flooring systems from Armor Poxy feature heavy duty high performance 2-part epoxy systems that can be applied to a number of commercial floors including car dealerships, packaging plants and hospitals. ArmorPoxy’s ArmorPoxy II is four times thicker than standard floor paint and often 8-10 times more durable too. Used by the United States Coast Guard in many of their hangars ArmorPoxy II has proven itself up to the task of coating and protecting even the most demanding of commercial floors.

large job on a pallet

Another military grade 2-part epoxy available only through Armor Poxy is ArmorUltra. An ultra-heavy-duty, commercial grade floor epoxy system ArmorUltra is a great flooring product for heavily used floors that are not that smooth and require leveling. A special industrial coating product ArmorUltra contains 100% military grade epoxy resins that dry hard in less than 24 hours. This fast acting flooring system will not shrink while curing because unlike other flooring systems ArmorUltra contains no solvents or water. This unique epoxy flooring system can be applied to wood, concrete and metal floors that experience constant traffic from vehicles, equipment and machinery.

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