Commercial Floor Coating

Commercial Floor Coating

Commercial floors need high quality coating protection for a number of reasons. Since floors in fire stations, warehouses, kitchens and hangars are used a lot it’s important that the industrial floors are kept in great shape to handle the heavy workloads and prevent slips and falls. Commercial floors also need to look good since clients and vendors who visit will probably be turned off if they see a dirty and worn floor in your business. There are a number of high quality commercial floor coatings you can use to ensure your concrete, linoleum, metal and wood floors are up to the task of keeping your business running.

If you work in a fire station you know how rugged the floors need to be. From heavy fire trucks and hoses to the constant trampling of firefighter boots these floors need to be kept in great shape so teams can get to fires on time and not have to worry about slipping on their way to the trucks. Using a super-thick, 100% solids epoxy commercial floor coating is a safe bet for treating fire station floors. A multi-layer coating system is designed for the most demanding environments and few commercial floors can be more demanding than a fire station. Our ArmorUltra is a 2-part ultra heavy-duty quick drying industrial grade floor epoxy that will not shrink while curing and dries hard in less than 24 hours. This specific flooring epoxy is used by the New York City Fire Department for their largest ladder trucks.

For auto showrooms and other indoor garages used for commercial use consider our SupraTile interlocking floor tile system. Manufactured from virgin, hard wearing proprietary PVC polymers that are injected molded at over 500 tons of pressure into molds with tolerances 1/10,000th of an inch our SupraTile floor tiles are quick and easy to install and provide exceptional durability. Great for commercial auto showrooms with large SUV’s and trucks this interlocking tile floor system can be installed over old, uneven and contaminated sub floors and are highly water resistant. Choose from different thicknesses for any application including 4.5MM, 5.5MM, 6.5MM and 7MM.

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