Coatings for Outdoor Surfaces

Coatings for Outdoor Surfaces

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From Mother Nature to heavy traffic your outdoor surfaces are constantly under attack from elements and variables that will act to wear down even the sturdiest of stone, granite, concrete and virtually any other surface.

Summer time is nearly here! You have gone outside to check out the pool and you find that it has not weathered the long winter very gracefully. If you are thinking about grabbing a can of exterior paint and giving it a touch up, think again, because it will not adhere to the concrete, leaving you with a bigger mess of chipping and peeling paint.

We mentioned earlier that prep is the most important step for many projects and sealing and painting your pool patio falls into this category. So sweep thoroughly, repair cracks, clean up any stains, wash and rinse it all down and wait for it to dry completely.

Pools and Pool Decks 

You have many options for upgrading your pool deck. Whether your pool surface is concrete, granite, stone or a combination of materials, ArmorPoxy has specific pool paints and epoxy kits specially designed to fortify and stabilize your outdoor pool surface. Available in single and two-part epoxy systems our pool paints produce terrific, non-skid finishes that look great and stand the test of time. Not only do the ArmorPoxy outdoor surface epoxy kits provide a beautiful, professional looking finish each is also specially designed to reduce skidding and slips on wet surfaces so your pool area and patio are even safer for kids and older adults.

After applying the epoxy, make sure to use the sealer recommended for the product to make your new pool patio finish durable, as well as beautiful and safe.

residential roof with white epoxy roof coating - two windows and wood fence

Roof Coating & Sealing 

But what about your roof? Mother Nature is sure to take her toll on the roof on her way to make a mess of your pool deck! Sealing is optional on a sloped roof, but you really need to do it for a flat roof. The possibility of water pooling on a flat roof means you need to make sure it’s waterproof. Many sealers will also protect it from UV radiation and improve your utility bills.

Don’t skimp on the prep for your roof. The same care and attention to detail here as for any other coating project is probably even more important! If your pool deck sealer is not perfect, you may not get into a magazine layout, but if your roof sealer is less than perfect, you could be inviting the rain into your home or business! Sweep it thoroughly paying special attention to leaves, twigs and any peeling from a previous sealer. Wash the roof and rinse thoroughly. Allow it to dry completely.

Inspect the roof and the flashing for leaks or other damage. You can take this opportunity to caulk seams that need it. Patch any damage that you find.

Once the repairs have had time to fully cure, you are ready to coat the roof. Armorpoxy has different products for sealing roofs, so you can choose the one that meets your needs. You need to make sure there is no rain forecast for a few days when you are ready to coat your roof, and perhaps a little longer if the coating you choose requires a primer. Each coat needs time to dry before the next is applied. If the forecast is iffy, you are better off waiting for a dry spell before you start.

armorroof being applied to a roof's walkway with rollers

You can pour a small amount of the sealer directly on the roof, and spread it evenly with a soft roof brush. Work in small sections. If you need a second coat, follow the directions on the product you have chosen about wait time for the first coat to dry. Don’t over brush, work with the sealer just enough to spread it evenly.

One the final coat is dry, inspect the roof again. Touch up any spots that you might have missed.

Now go light that barbeque and get the steaks on! You are ready for summer!

The unique ArmorPoxy outdoor surface epoxy kits have many other uses including improving stone walkways, steps and garages and have the ability to be tinted so you can closely match up the color with the original shade. For high quality stone and granite looks on floors, walls and columns consider our ArmorGranite epoxy kit that is easy to use and will turn any drab surface into professional looking stone masonry.

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