Coating Alternatives for Your Garage Floors

Coating Alternatives for Your Garage Floors


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If your garage flooring isn’t cut out for epoxy coating you may be in search of something better; a solution that will allow your floors to look great without installing a new floor all together. Whether your floors are uneven and epoxy simply won’t do or you just don’t have enough time to apply epoxy there is a solution for you. Some may think that ArmorPoxy only offers epoxy solutions but this is not the case. You can give your floors a new face without pulling out a paint roller, squeegee, or bucket of epoxy.

ArmorCover flooring is a great choice for garages and similar locations where you may not be able to apply epoxy. ArmorCover flooring can easily be installed in no time at all and the end result will be a durable floor that is sure to be a huge improvement upon your old flooring. This flooring option is made completely from polyvinyl material meaning that it will offer the durability that you are searching for. Once you have determined that ArmorCover flooring is going to be the right alternative for you it is time to select what you want your floor to look like by selecting your polyvinyl pattern and color; you can choose from a variety of patterns including: coin, ribbed, diamond, and smooth.

Another option for those who don’t want to apply epoxy to their floors is ArmorTile. These heavy-duty tiles are interlocking so they can easily be snapped together making installation a breeze. These tiles are made from a solid PVC material meaning that they are incredibly durable and will not fail. While this garage tile can be a bit more expensive than alternatives we are so confident that it will last you for a lifetime that we offer a 30 year warrantee on this product. These products have been a great fit for a variety of buildings such as warehouses, dog kennels, and laboratories so they should be a great fir for your garage.

Once you receive your product, whether you go with ArmorCover or ArmorTile, it is time to perform an install. One benefit that is touted about these products is the ease of install and it truly is easy. By following the simple installation instructions you will be set to go with new flooring in your garage in no time at all without a mess to clean up.

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