Choosing Granite Color Patterns

Choosing Granite Color Patterns

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Granite surfaces provide a stone-like look and feel that is perfect for counter tops, floors, patios and other outdoor surfaces. Getting the right color to match particular settings is important if you want your patio walkway or counter to look its best. ArmorGranite, a leading water-based coating system, provides several high quality and stylish color combinations to choose from when finishing granite surfaces including Balmoral Red, Charcoal Slate, Celestial Blue and Jadestone. Depending on the theme of your pool, deck or backyard garden you’ll want to match up granite colors that fir the scene.

Naturally the color granite you want for a contemporary kitchen counter top will not be the scheme you select for a garden or pool patio. Certain color patterns featuring microscopic droplets of contrasting fleck colors are more ideal for outdoor settings where it will enhance cinder block walls, patios and pool enclosures. You can roll, sponge or spray ArmorGranite to most outdoor surfaces to achieve a fine granite look that will give the illusion of depth and texture one finds in real stone.

Natural stone colors such as gray, charcoal and slate are best used on outdoor surfaces including pool decks, patios and walkways where the patterns will blend in perfectly with other outdoor décor and present a smooth finished surface. The superb camouflaging features of ArmorGranite help to cover up most surface imperfections and with added metal flake chips will add even more depth and luster for particularly rough surfaces.

Indoor surfaces including kitchen counter tops and walls can handle more colorful granite mixtures and contemporary interiors are perfect for ArmorGranite shades such as Balmoral Red, Celestial Blue and Onyx. Rich in color and full in texture these colorful patterns will give your kitchen or living room tables a fine finish that lasts and a unique shade that will enhance any room theme.

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