We often get asked what epoxy flooring costs? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer as projects are often not alike but we’ve been doing this for a long time so we can offer some rough guidelines.

In order to determine epoxy floor costs and budgets, consider the following:

  1. What is on the floor now, any coating? Bare concrete? Tile, adhesive, carpet, sealer, etc? If the floor is not bare, unsealed concrete, then surface prep must be done, as any coating can only stick to what is under it. Primer may be needed.  Sealed floors need to be ground or otherwise mechanically prepared so they are ‘open’ and will accept a coating that will stick. Sealers are repellents and as such, must be dealt with.
  2. What is the floor being used for? What kind of traffic will it see (foot, forklift, trucks, cars, etc)
  3. Is this indoors or outdoors? Most epoxies are not for outdoor use, but Armorpoxy carries a complete line of outdoor products that work just as well.
  4. What is the current condition of the floor? New/decent concrete or older, damaged and beaten up? Poor floors need to have repairs done first, and then coated to protect and seal them since most coatings won’t ‘fix’ a floor. Armorpoxy carries a full line of floor repair products.
  5. What is the time frame to install? Is the space occupied and are fumes/odor a consideration? What state is the project in since different states have different environmental VOC regulations as to what can and cannot be sold legally?
  6. Will this floor see water or lubricants and become slippery?
  7. What color and/or design do you like or want?
  8. What is the square footage (sometimes on smaller projects package sizes come into play and affect pricing since we cant’ make custom cans or packages for every project).
  9. Do you have a budget for this project? While we may recommend what we think is the best solution, it may be out of budget range so then we would recommend the ‘next best’ option within the budget.

Because of the multiples of the above, and infinite variations on each project there is no easy way to ballpark pricing. Materials pricing can vary from $0.10 cents/sq foot up to $20.00 dollars/sq ft.

The rule of thumb is that the more decorative the floor is the more an epoxy floor will cost. 

The thicker the floor is the more it will cost (going from a 10 mil thickness to a 20 mil thickness will double the amount of materials required). the lower the VOC’s/odor, the more it will cost. The faster you need it to dry the more it will cost.

So..at Armorpoxy we strive to always quote the best product/system at the best price and to give our clients the best value.

We offer ‘kits’ including our popular Armorclad Kits and our Job on Pallet commercial size kits which often can be used in 75-80% of common projects. These are priced on our website online store for fast and easy quoting and ordering.

We also recommend contacting us by email or phone so we can help determine your needs with greater accuracy (or you can email us and tell us what you think we need to know) and we can guide you accordingly!

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