Best Garage Floor Covering

Best Garage Floor Covering

When it comes to protecting garage floors you have plenty of options for floor covering systems. From high quality PVC rubber tile flooring to strong epoxy floor paints there are many products that can give your garage floor a superior coating system that will keep it safe from mildew, moisture, heavy use and spills. At Armor Poxy we offer a wide range of residential garage floor covering systems to meet your specific protection needs. Here is a brief overview of what we consider to be the best garage floor coating options:

ArmorClad – Designed for easy, hassle-free do-it-yourself garage floor cover installations ArmorClad is a 100% solids formulation kit that can be used on garage floors and basements. ArmorClad is eight times thicker than competitive brands, is skid-resistant, has no odor and is also salt and chemical resistant. ArmorClad comes in a complete kit that includes industrial type mechanical mixer, mixing sticks, decorative epoxy flecks, rubber gloves, application squeegee, roller pad and brush, etching solution, 2-part epoxy solids and 1-part topcoat. Self-leveling and often able to be applied in only one day ArmorClad is one of the best garage floor coating systems available today.

ArmorCover – If for some reason you can’t paint or coat your garage floor we recommend using heavy duty PVC rubber. Some people don’t have the time for a floor painting project or need to cover a leaking garage floor. In those cases its best to use a superior rubber flooring system that is made from 100% pure polyvinyl material. ArmorCover is available in a variety of standard size width and length combinations to fit most garage floors and can be ordered in any of four patterns including ribbed, coin, smooth and diamond. This type of PVC rubber flooring can be easily cleaned using a hose and mild detergent and the material used is highly resistant to oil, antifreeze, gasoline and battery acid.

ArmorFleck – If you want the look of a decorative Terrazo floor without the time and money it takes for genuine Terrazo floors check out the ArmorFleck flooring system. Available in single coat or 2-coat epoxy systems this unique and stylish floor coating system features colored chips that add texture to your garage floor. Environmentally safe and with a very low odor ArmorFleck is a great option for people who want their garage floor to look great while also providing high quality floor protection.

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