Best Epoxy Pool Paint For Your Pool

Best Epoxy Pool Paint For Your Pool

What is the Best Epoxy Pool Paint For Your Pool?

With summer right around the corner  many homeowners who have pools will be looking to use these more than ever before. It’s important to have a pool that one can showcase and be proud of. You want your pool to be the centerpiece of your backyard and without a proper coating this can be hard to achieve.

When deciding on whether or not you need to recoat your pool or are applying paint to your pool for the first time it’s important to understand the different types of pool paints on the market.

Let’s discuss some of the options on the market today and explain why epoxies are usually the best choice for your pool.

Types of Pool Paint

There are three main types of pool paints that one can choose from. These include epoxy pool paints, acrylic paints, and chlorinated rubber-based paints.

You will not find many people using chlorinated rubber today as they are not as environmentally friendly as other options.

Epoxy Pool Paint

Epoxy pool paints are two part products that when mixed together create a chemical reaction which causes curing, as opposed to on part paints that cure with airborne moisture. This means they are manufactured with high performance resins which will last longer than acrylic based paint or other one-art products. Typical longevity for epoxy pool paints can range anywhere from 5-10 years depending on usage, care, chemical balance, sun exposure, etc. They are widely used as they are super durable, affordable, and can be applied to almost any surface including plaster, concrete, fiberglass, and gunite. Epoxy coatings are generally known as the ‘best’ category to coat a pool with. They also can be used in spas and jacuzzis. 

Of course when it comes to applying epoxy pool paints you must have a clean, dry working surface. There can be no water or contaminants  present otherwise the epoxy won’t bond and dry properly.  Residue like sun tan lotions are particularly harmful to good adhesion. 

Prepping a pool for application will also require a bit more work as the surface needs to be acid washed and rinsed well for any coating to adhere well to the surface.

Acrylic Pool Paints

Acrylic pool paints are usually water based paints. They generally cure fast, but since they are not as thick as epoxy their life span is less than epoxy paint, and the coating  may not be as durable as an epoxy coating. These coatings were designed as an alternative to rubber-based pool paints and they can be used on unpainted surfaces or pools that were originally painted with acrylic or water-based coatings.  Acrylic coatings are also more environmentally friendly as they have low levels of VOC’s. 

This type of coating is usually the most cost affordable however they may need to be recoated more frequently. In addition to the cost of recoating, the additional labor to prep and apply should also be considered.   Acrylic paints should not be used on fiberglass or gunite surfaces as these paints do not adhere well to these types of surfaces.

Rubber- Based Pool Paints

Chlorinated Rubberized pool paints have been around for decades. They make for a good coating as they are easy to apply and help to transform imperfect surfaces by going on smoothly.  They can go on plaster, concrete and fiberglass surfaces and are great at preventing algae and fungi from forming.  If a pool was previously coated with Chlorinated Rubber Paint, it should be recoated with the same product. 

The way to determine what type of paint is on the pool is to cut out a piece the size of a quarter. Put the sample in a glass filled with ‘Xylene’ and if it dissolves overnight it is Chlorinated Rubber. If it doesn’t dissolve it is epoxy or Acrylic.

Rubberized pool paints only may last 4-6 years on average and they  are not eco-friendly as many rubber based pool paints are made with higher levels of  VOCs.

Bottom Line

Depending on where you live, your budget, and what surface you are working with will determine the best pool coating for you. At ArmorPoxy has been selling epoxy pool paints for over 20 years. We offer both 1-part Acrylic and 2-part epoxy pool paints that will keep your pool looking great for years to come.

Our coatings will help to protect against chlorine, UV rays, and other elements that can harm your pool over time. They can also be applied to virtually any including old epoxy paints, gunite, plaster, marcite, spas, jaccuzzi’s and bare concrete.

Check out ArmorPoxy’s pool paints here or contact one our sales specialists today by calling 1-888-755-7361

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  1. Paul Bodkin July 7, 2021 at 5:44 am Permalink

    I need a good pool paint that has no odour when applying.
    Short lifespan is not important.
    What do you have available

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      Hi Paul,

      Take a look at our line of pool paints. We have several different options with 1 and 2 coat systems that will meet your needs.

      Pool Paint


      The Armorpoxy Team

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    Forgot to mention
    The area is 400 M2

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