Benefits of Interlocking Floor Tiles

Benefits of Interlocking Floor Tiles

When it comes to options for fixing an ailing floor, there are a number of things for property owners to consider. For example, you have the choice of resealing a floor with an epoxy floor coating of some kind, or putting down some simple interlocking floor tiles over an existing floor, whether that’s concrete, wood, or another substrate.

Here are some benefits of using the modern interlocking floor tiles that we sell to achieve the results that you want for any kind of interior space.


Easy to Install


These interlocking floor tiles are not hard to install. They come direct from our factory with unique shaping that allows them to fit neatly together across a space no matter whatever the underlying floor looks like. Consequently, there’s not a lot of cutting, grinding or fitting to get into, which makes this a popular option for busy property owners or project managers trying to get something ship-shape on deadline.


Durable Materials


Made of sturdy PVC polymers, these interlocking tiles will last a long time on the floor, and provide an attractive veneer for whatever you’re storing in an interior bay or warehouse or similar space. They’ll stand up to heavy use and pressure from vehicles or heavy equipment, with minimum compression and material integrity for the years ahead.


Easy to Clean


It’s also easy to clean and maintain these interlocking floor tiles after they’re installed. In most cases, a simple spray of water will do the trick. Expensive buffing machines aren’t necessary, and these ruggedized flooring materials are a very practical choice for a lot of industrial and commercial indoor spaces.



Quick Install


Because of their versatility, these interlocking floor tiles can be installed quickly. Suppose you have a project that really needs to be done in a short time frame. An alternative to trying to strip the floor and reseal it is to simply lay down these floor tiles in a way that provides a smooth and attractive surface.


At ArmorPoxy, this is not the only kind of product we sell – we also specialize epoxies and industrial coatings – but the interlocking floor tiles are specially suited to many interior projects, for example, those cases where businesses or municipalities need to house heavy equipment in finished spaces on irregular surfaces. These floor tiles come with a 25 year warranty and other guarantees of quality, and with the right installation, will provide you with great results for years to come. Talk to ArmorPoxy about getting adequately supplied for your next flooring makeover.

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