Waterproof Basement

Waterproof Basement

armorlock basement waterproofer in white being applied by man to wall

If your home has a basement there is plenty of untapped square footage right beneath your feet that you could be using for a variety of purposes. It is no secret that many people steer clear of their basements because they are wet and can be quite eerie. But your basement can become a great place to relax, create a work room, or a play room for the kids with the assistance of ArmorPoxy. Our products are made to keep your home dry and withstand moisture and last over the years.

Our first product that you may want to invest in if you are interested in water-proofing your basement is the ArmorLock Basement Waterproofer. You can seal your basement walls with this product and rest assured that it will not fail as long as any penetrating water pressure never exceeds 20 pounds per square inch. Not only will this coating keep water out of your basement it will also prevent the walls in your basement from sweating and it will reduce mold growth and you may even see a reduction in your family’s allergies. If you do decide to apply this waterproofer in your basement it is important to follow all instructions to yield the greatest results.

After you waterproof the walls in your basement you may be searching for the perfect flooring for your basement. You may have already chosen to stay away from hardwood and carpet in case moisture seems in but what if there was an alternative that stands up against moisture. Our ArmorCarpet is an interlocking tile carpet system that is designed to withstand moisture and is perfect for rooms where moisture is consistently present, such as basements. The snap-lock design of this flooring makes it simple to put together and you won’t have to worry about the moisture getting to the carpet as it sits up off the floor slightly, leaving room for moisture evaporation.

Don’t let your basement be useless square footage in your home; instead use our products and turn the lower-most level of your home into a dry room for your family to spend time together. There may be other steps you have to take in finishing your basement but ArmorPoxy will be there to help.

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