Pool Paints

Pool Paints

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Summer is upon us and with the warm weather comes the opening of swimming pools all across the country. One of the more refreshing and relaxing joys of summer swimming pools are just the thing for outdoor parties, a reprieve from the summer heat and a beautiful backyard addition that not only looks great but also adds to the value of your home. However, concrete pools don’t repair themselves and with constant exposure to unfiltered UV sunlight and high concentrations of chlorine it’s very easy for the concrete in your pool to deteriorate, crack and fade. Using a high quality 1-part or 2-part epoxy pool paint can save you thousands of dollars on pool concrete repairs and replacements.

Whether you have a residential pool or provide management and supervision of a commercial or parks and recreation pool ensuring the pool concrete is in excellent condition will determine whether your summer is a boom or bust. Many people assume that concrete is tough enough to withstand almost anything but the truth is that over long periods of time many elements including UV light and chlorine can gradually deteriorate the concrete that may lead to cracks and fading which can make the pool unsafe for people to swim in.

Don’t trust your swimming pool to just any epoxy coating. ArmorPoxy 1-part and 2-part pool epoxy coatings are specially formulated concrete paints that can be used over bare concrete or other chlorinated rubber pool paints. Great for pool repair and maintenance the ArmorPoxy 1-part pool paints dry quickly, hold strong and resist fading, chemicals and abrasions so your pool walls and floor are safe for residential use.

The Armor Poxy 2-part pool paint epoxy systems are specially geared for commercial pools found in parks and other community centers. In addition to providing maximum protection against UV light, algae growth, chlorine and extreme temperature variations the ArmorPoxy 2-part pool paints also have unique fill qualities to repair minor imperfections in the pool concrete. Armor Poxy 2-part pool paint can also be used for whirlpools, Jacuzzis and spas since the epoxy coating is safe to use on gunite, plaster and marcite surfaces.

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