New York Floor Repair

New York Floor Repair

The amount of commercial floor space in Manhattan alone is enough to stagger the imagination. Millions of square feet are used for retail, manufacturing and commercial space. Add to that the amazing amount of residential floor space on the tiny island and it’s easy to see why flooring repair is a huge industry in New York City. Keeping your workplace safe and your residence up to code requires careful inspection of floors and special products to keep both commercial and residential floors in great shape.

Beyond New York City are four other huge boroughs, Long Island, Westchester County and upstate New York with millions and millions of residential and commercial floor space that require repairs, restoration and finishing. Armor Poxy not only has the right products to handle a wide variety of floors, including concrete, asphalt and granite but also trained technicians to offer expert advice while performing on-site inspections of your floor.

Being located in New Jersey allows Armor Poxy to send their expert technicians throughout the tri-state area to personally appraise a residential or commercial floor and recommend specific products that will return any damaged or faded floor to its original shine. New York is one of the most populous states in the US and is also a major center for manufacturing and industry which means plenty of floor space to maintain. Armor Poxy travels throughout New York City and New York State offering expert advice on a wide variety or residential and commercial floor repairs.

Whether you live in New York or manage a warehouse, manufacturing plant or industrial site Armor Poxy has the staff and products to repair almost any type of flooring. From hairline cracks and shallow cracks to residual oil and grease the Armor Poxy floor repair products are designed to provide long-term solutions to many common floor problems.

In addition to specialized floor repair epoxy products Armor Poxy also manufactures a complete line of floor prep products including Oil Stop Primer, Floor Grinder Systems, heavy duty Cement Floor Stripper and Mastic Remover to prime any residential or commercial floor for finishes and coatings.

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