Garage Flooring

Garage Flooring

amorcarpet interlocking carpet tiles in a nissan car show room

Depending on the type of garage floor you have and what it will be used for there are a number of high quality garage flooring systems to choose from. From 100% solids epoxy concrete paints to acid and static resistant coatings and commercial-grade PVC rubber flooring you’ll find a garage flooring system that is perfect for your needs. Garage flooring kits are designed for both residential and commercial use and can feature waterproofing, sealants, acid and static resistant properties, interlocking floor tiles and a high-grade heavy duty PVC rubber flooring for heavy duty floor protection.

Not all basement and garage floors are made the same and not all will be used for the same purpose. Residential garage floors don’t need military-grade epoxy and flooring systems while factories, hangars and warehouses will require all the strength possible to protect surface areas when dealing with heavy equipment and large vehicles including aircraft.

Most residential garages can use a high-quality epoxy garage floor paint to finish and protect garage floors that store vehicles, act as recreation rooms and function as workshops. A simple 100% solids complete floor kit can be up to 12 x’ thicker than water-based paints and last much longer. Safe to use and easy to install concrete paint epoxies and coating systems are perfect for residential home garages, small work and repair shops, recreation game rooms and utility rooms. Many residential concrete paint epoxies include a solution concentrate, primer, epoxy and topcoat to provide a complete floor coating finish.

Industrial and commercial floors need a more heavy duty epoxy floor system or even non-epoxy materials to provide the ultimate in protection and resistance. Many showroom garages choose an interlocking tile floor system that feature a blended PVC material and interlocking teeth to provide a sure-grip and durable surface for vehicles, appliances and equipment. Another good option for garage showrooms is roll out PVC flooring that has been tested and used in major airports.

For commercial floors and warehouses a strong 2-part epoxy flooring system is a solid choice. 2-part epoxy flooring is a military-grade surface cover solution that features a 100% solids formula and will not shrink when curing. A 2-part epoxy system will often include an epoxy, high performance topcoat and a high wear additive to act as a shield for the materials underneath. A thick, multi-layer epoxy can withstand years of use, resist common wear and tear and repel many chemicals and liquids so your hangar, warehouse or factory floor stay in top shape.

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