Floor Repairs

Floor Repairs

ArmorUltra Industrial Epoxy Coating

Whether you have commercial floor space or residential flooring chances are it will need repair work eventually. No matter how well a floor is put in or what you use to protect the surface normal wear and tear will cause cracks, slippery surfaces and a gradual dulling of the original shine. Home basement and garage floors usually last longer due to the light traffic it has to handle but commercial warehouses, factory floors and industrial garages are bound to have spills, dents and cracks from tough workloads and inevitable accidents and spills.

Many homeowners and business owners will want to repair their floors when the original luster and gloss begin to fade but when you take a close look at your warehouse or basement floor be sure to also check for cracks, warping and other irregularities that may require more than just a resurfacing compound. What may look like a small crack can be a workplace hazard that can cause a serious accident and if you are managing a factory or warehouse you need to be mindful of your employee’s safety. Homeowners also need to thoroughly check basement and garage floors since small cracks and crevices can eventually lead to major floor damage, leaks and irreversible warping.

Floors are taken for granted by just about everyone. Homeowners and business managers tend to assume that their basement or warehouse floor is permanent, sturdy and safe. However, all it takes is one slip or accident to expose a floor’s faulty surface. With safety at the top of everyone’s preventive measure list it’s time more people paid attention to the foundation of their homes and businesses and checked their floors for cracking, irregular warping, fading and leaking. When caught in time most minor cracks can be fixed rather easily and precautionary measures can save you from having to replace the entire floor.

Replacing a home or warehouse floor can be very expensive. You will also have to factor in the downtime when the old floor is torn up and the new one installed. Some business owners can’t afford to have a new floor installed or spare the time it takes to replace a floor. Fortunately there are a wide variety of floor repair products that are commercial grade, easy to use and effective in filling cracks, plugging leaks and returning the original shine to your floor.

ArmorPoxy is the country’s leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality industrial grade floor repair and refinishing products including resurfacing compounds, joint fillers and sealers, non-skid tapes and coatings and interlocking floor tiles. No matter what type of surface you have or what it is primarily used for we have the expertise and materials to safely, affordably and completely fix your basement, garage or factory floor. With trained specialists ready to assess your commercial or residential floor ArmorPoxy offers high quality, expert advice on the right floor repair products to handle granite, concrete and tile floors as well as connecting staircases and ramps. From simple resurfacing compounds used to return the floor’s original gloss shine to more advanced epoxy materials used to fill cracks and seal crevices ArmorPoxy is your one-stop shop for all your flooring needs.

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