Commercial Flooring

Commercial Flooring

Commercial floors come in all shapes and sizes. From warehouses and hangars to restaurants, hospitals and factories the need for high quality commercial floors can’t be understated. Floors in such places get put to the test on a daily basis with forklifts, pallets, planes, commercial truck fleets and of course non-stop foot traffic. People who work in these areas need to know that the floors they are working and driving on are safe and secure to ensure they can perform their jobs properly. If you need high quality commercial flooring solutions for your industrial complex or healthcare facility check out the fantastic flooring products available from ArmorPoxy that includes ArmorClad and ArmorUltra.

Not only will a well coated commercial floor keep your employees safe from accidental spills on worn floors it also helps to facilitate the easy movement of vehicles, cranes and forklifts across the floors to ensure your business runs smoothly. The advanced epoxy flooring systems from Armor Poxy feature heavy duty high performance 2-part epoxy systems that can be applied to a number of commercial floors including car dealerships, packaging plants and hospitals. ArmorPoxy’s ArmorPoxy II is four times thicker than standard floor paint and often 8-10 times more durable too. Used by the United States Coast Guard in many of their hangars ArmorPoxy II has proven itself up to the task of coating and protecting even the most demanding of commercial floors.

Another military grade 2-part epoxy available only through Armor Poxy is ArmorUltra. An ultra heavy-duty, commercial grade floor epoxy system ArmorUltra is a great flooring product for heavily used floors that are not that smooth and require leveling. A special industrial coating product ArmorUltra contains 100% military grade epoxy resins that dry hard in less than 24 hours. This fast acting flooring system will not shrink while curing because unlike other flooring systems ArmorUltra contains no solvents or water. This unique epoxy flooring system can be applied to wood, concrete and metal floors that experience constant traffic from vehicles, equipment and machinery.

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