What does a CSP mean?

What does a CSP mean?

How do you pick the best epoxy coatings for your concrete floor projects?

We’ve talked quite a bit in recent posts about how to prepare floors, and how to evaluate when to coat them and which products to use. For the novice or first time DIYer it can be a little intimidating if you don’t know a lot about concrete coatings. At ArmorPoxy we help to advise many people on how to tackle these projects – to finally quit putting them off!

If you’re doing this type of research, there’s also a metric that may be helpful to you that’s called the concrete surface profile (CSP). This is useful when as you look to source your floor coating material an important piece of the installation process is the prep work. Every coating requires a different CSP in order for the material to properly adhere. Today we will talk a little about what CSP means and how it matters when choosing your coating material.

What is the CSP?

The concrete surface profile is a measure of the roughness of the concrete that was installed in the building. The metric is from 1 to 10, and is the product of the International Concrete Repair Institute, an authority on this type of building work. Professionals may carry a small “sample kit” with different roughnesses on it to compare to floors to figure out the CSP that they are seeing. 

The “1” designation is the smoothest concrete, where 10 represents the roughest surface.

Image Source: Allgaragefloors.com

Matching a Surface to a Coating

Getting the right CSP is extremely important as if your floor substrate does not have a profile suitable for your coatings to adhere, then you risk possible coating failure. Understanding the coating you are working and the necessary CSP for application ahead of time will save you stress and headaches down the road.

Experts put it like this: good CSP matching causes mechanical adhesion of the coating to the substrate (the stuff that is underneath).

In general, experts recommend putting thick coats on higher CSP surfaces, for example, a heavier coating on thick urethane. We can help provide more details on your specific project. 

Finding Good Epoxy Products and Coatings

At ArmorPoxy, we have excellent garage floor epoxies, pool paints and more. Take a look at our ArmorClad kits for everything you need to recoat a concrete floor the right way.

We have a wide range of products on our website. How do you choose? Use the resources available to narrow down your search for the right coating. You can also pick colors on the website and do a lot more of the research that you need to benefit from informed purchases.

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask! We can help you to make your property look like a million bucks, so that you can get more use out of these areas of your building. You don’t have to wait anymore for a great concrete floor makeover. We’ll help make it easy. 

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