Surface Bond Concrete & Asphalt Coating

Extremely Durable & Resilient Outdoor Coating

Surface Bond is a two-component advanced waterborne low VOC epoxy-modified acrylic coating specifically designed for application to flat or stamped asphalt and concrete. Ideal for outdoor coating applications such as sidewalks, pool decks, walkways, driveways, parking lots, and more!

New Armorpoxy Surface Bond is a two-component advanced waterborne low VOC epoxy-modified acrylic coating specifically designed for application to flat or stamped asphalt and concrete. Surface Bond’s unique formula remains strong and durable even when wet, unlike most coatings which soften and fail when exposed to water. Surface bond can handle vehicular traffic unlike most coatings. Surface Bond uses the most advanced raw material formulations in the industry with unparalleled performance and ease of application with no harmful fumes or odor. Surface bond can be easily applied by almost anyone with standard painting tools and materials, and no special skills, techniques or installation items are required.

Surface Bond is flexible and ‘moves’ with large temperature swings that cause expansion and contraction without cracking. Surface Bond greatly extends surface life of asphalt and concrete and protects against UV.

Ideal for walkways, pedestrian areas, pool decks, bike lanes, plazas, amusement parks, driveways, parking lots, sidewalks and crosswalks, balconies, concrete decks, and virtually any outdoor surface. Used by major amusement parks and New York City for it’s plazas and bike lanes. Surface Bond is highly resistant to all chemicals, fuels, salts and solvents. Surface Bond can be easily recoated if desired to maintain it’s look over virtually an eternity.

Surface Bond is sold in four-gallon ‘kits’ that include the Resin, Liquid Color Tint and Catalyst Hardener. All three ingredients get mixed together in the oversized resin pail with a mechanical mixer and drill. Surface Bond has a long working time of well over an hour per pail and dries in just hours for fast back-in-service times. Surface bond is at minimum at two-coat system (plus primer if required). Adding additional coats adds significant life and resistance, and up to five coats can be applied for maximum performance. Surface Bond can be sprayed, please contact us for spraying info. Coverage per kit is 160-240 sqare feet/coat.

Available in over fifty colors including safety colors and solar-reflective colors that help to keep surfaces cool and comfortable.

For parking lots and larger parking-type surfaces Surface Bond is a low/no VOC alternative to smelly tar-based sealcoats and sealers and is available in a special black or gray color only at a significant discount. No longer do you need to take a parking area out of service for many days while your resurfacer dries. Surface Bond dries fast usually same day or overnight short full back in use times.

Surface Bond requires it’s matching primer for all concrete surfaces (Surface Bond Concrete Primer) and for poor/degraded asphalt surfaces (Concentrated Asphalt Adhesion Primer). Better condition or newer asphalt does not require primer.

Naturally not slippery but non skid additives can be broadcast on and rolled in for additional traction if required.

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Color Chart
What is Surface Bond?
Surface Bond is a bi-component innovative low VOC epoxy-modified acrylic coating specially designed for asphalt and concrete surfaces. Its strong, durable, and flexible formulation ensures its longevity and functionality.
Can Surface Bond be used on Asphalt?
Yes, Surface Bond can be used on flat and stamped Asphalt. It is ideal for driveways, parking lots, pedestrian areas, and more such surfaces.
Can Surface Bond be used on Concrete?
Yes, the advanced formula of Surface Bond imparts strength and durability to concrete surfaces. It is ideal for all types of outdoor surfaces like pool decks, bike lanes, plazas, amusement parks, sidewalks, concrete decks, and more such concrete surfaces.
Why is Surface Bond good?
Surface Bond is an advanced formula in coating systems for asphalt and concrete. It provides excellent properties of resistance against water, UV rays, and heat. It enhances the functionality of concrete surfaces with its strong protection and long-lasting durability.
How do I install Surface Bond?
Surface Bond can be easily applied using standard painting tools and materials. You don’t require extraordinary skills and techniques to ace this type of coating.
How expensive is Surface Bond?
The pricing of Surface Bond depends upon the type of coating used. A 4 GAL Rejuvenator starts from $209.99, 2 GAL Concrete epoxy primer is for $149.00, and 4 GAL color asphalt and concrete coating kit starts with $394. For exact information, please visit the official product web page.