7 Tips When Installing an Epoxy Floor

7 Tips When Installing an Epoxy Floor

 Want to install an epoxy floor? Here are seven things you should remember before you install.

Pick the Right Epoxy

There are three types of epoxy with their own uses. These include:

  • 100 Percent Solid epoxy. The purest form of the epoxy paints. Hardens quickly.
  • Solvent-Based. Made of 40 – 60 percent solids that are combined with chemical solvents. Substantial fume odor from this type of epoxy and best to wear proper gear to protect your health.
  • Water-Based. Made up of 40 – 60 percent solids that are combined with water. The safest type of epoxy and best used in homes

Wear the Right Equipment and Be Safe

If choosing a solvent, wear protective gear, keep all pets out of the garage, and make sure the garage has ventilation. Follow all instructions on the bottle.

Prep the Floor Beforehand

We can’t stress how important this is. Don’t just hose the floor down; scrape any debris from it, and make sure no part goes uncleaned. This can affect how the epoxy works.

Apply According to the Instructions

Don’t be creative. Just listen to the rules and apply. Make sure you scrape any excess epoxy when you’re done.

Maintain the Floor Regularly  

After you’re done, you’ll still need to give the floor proper maintenance. You can do this by mixing a half water and half ammonia whenever it’s cleaning time.

Don’t Use Harsh Cleaning Chemicals  

Epoxy floors may be resistance towards chemicals, but they have their limits. Avoid any harsh cleaners that could affect the coating.

Don’t Be Afraid to Contact a Pro

If you’re unsure you can install an epoxy floor properly, there is no shame in contacting ArmorPoxy to help you. It’s better to spend more than to ruin your floor!




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